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Rhino Urethane Explained

Our Rhino Two-Component Urethane is a high gloss, acrylic polyurethane coating we specially designed to provide outstanding resistance to chemicals, stains, and even acids. Comprised of high solids, this two-component urethane coating delivers superior environmental protection as well as high-quality color retention. Rhino Urethane is offered in both clear and colored formulas and can be tinted to virtually any hue to accommodate your project’s unique needs. Classified as an industrial urethane coating, this product offers flexible coating capable of maintaining ultimate durability in the face of structure movement.

Rhino Urethane product

The Best Way to Use Rhino Urethane

We recommend using Rhino Urethane as a finish coat on properly prepared interior or exterior surfaces. This superior product is best used on bridges, block walls, rail cars, railings, steel, and concrete tanks. In addition, Rhino Urethane is the best solution for removing graffiti or other spray paint applications.

Benefits & Uses

  • Superior Longevity and Warranty
  • High Color Retention
  • Great for Harsh Environments
  • Acid, Chemical, and Stain Resistance
  • Flexes with Structure Movement
  • May Be Tinted to Any Color

Technical / Performance Data


73% +/- 2%


64% +/- 2%


Mixed; <336 g/liter


10.4 lbs +/- .2 lbs

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